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Paintball Armored Vehicles!

In this section you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about Paintball Armored Vehicles, a.k.a: PAV's. Here I'll display pictures of them, how to build them, armament, proper use, etc. And I'll be happy to include any aircraft, soon as some brave trooper decides to try them out! Just click on the thumbnails to enjoy the larger picture!

NEW!!! The plans for building a PAV!!!
I still have to add the directions, but feel free to look over the "blueprints"! (Oh, and nobody said they would be pretty or professional ;)
The Plan

Tanks and other ground vehicles

Above we see a picture of "Jumbo" Bret Golihew's 1/2 scale model of a WWII Sherman tank. Jumbo is built on a golf cart chassis and features a working turret. Armament consists of one semi-auto in the drivers glacis plate, one bolt action "cannon" in the turret, and occasionaly dual crank operated semi's in the AA postion on top of the turret.

If you would like to learn more about the history of "Jumbo" and his creation, follow this link: Jumbo's story.

Above is a picture of the tank used at Brazos Survival Games in Houston. The three people on the tank are from left to right: Austin Willis, Jennifer "Siren" Henderson, and Jamie "Jester" McKinnon. The guy in the middle of the group of three to the right is the infamous Patrick "Pacman" McKinnon! I don't know who the two people flanking him are... The vehicle is a Ferret scout car, an actual vintage WWII armored scout car used by the British army. The weapon in the turret is an ATS AT-10R select-fire run off of a nitrogen cylinder. BAD ASS!!
Here we see the Ferrett disagreeing with Bill "Z" Mclure's reffing call. Bill later apologized to the Ferrett, and admitted in fact that the Ferrett was *not* breaking the 20 foot surrender rule... I'd like to personally thank Marc Dollack for these great shots of the Ferrett and Patrick McKinnon for sending them to me. Keep those photos rolling in folks!

For more PAV's head on over to: Alternavtive Paintball's PAV site.

Power armor and robots


Naval units
Above is a nice pic of the gunboat used in 1995's Operation Hobble. As you can see, the boat is basically an aluminum canoe with a plexiglass shield pintle-mounted in the center. I can't make out how many or what kind of guns are poking through the shield. The palm leaves are probably to provide some "cover" seeing as how camo is *not* an option with this boat! This photo is Graciously provided by Tyger, make sure to check out his den!

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